Perhaps the most acclaimed cooking style of the world is the Italian one. Italians are known for their pasta dishes, their pizza, and seafood. They make complex dishes from essential fixings, creating genuine masterpieces on a plate.

About Our Chef

Being an authentic Italian restaurant, we have enlisted experienced Italian cooks who know all their conventional dishes. Likewise, they know how to pick the best ingredients for every new and delicious dish. The chef is the main component of our restaurant, through his experience and knowledge he can teach others to create meals that look and taste the way they should, every single time.

We aim to bring premium quality food from Italy to Sydney and our goal is to make Rustic Kitchen the best Italian restaurant in Sydney. We also use it as a cooking school to show and pass on the information about Italian tastes and customs.

What can you Expect at Our Italian Restaurant?

All high-quality Italian restaurants in Sydney should meet these three factors and Rustic Kitchen is no different.

Firstly, the restaurant should have a rich menu.

Rich menu

You can go through the menu. We ought to have all the traditional pasta dishes, loaves of bread, many pizza variations, and soups of course.

Italians are also known for their cold meats, cheeses, and wines, so you can hope to see many choices of these on the menu.

But, our Italian restaurant in Sydney differentiates itself from other local restaurants by serving pasta that is prepared fresh daily and breads heated in-house.

Italian style service

You can likewise expect that our waiters should serve you in the traditional Italian style. They ought to be courteous and in pleasant style dress and should know the process of wine serving to help you pair your dishes with the most suitable wine.

Waiters and waitresses are the hosts of your dining experience and a bad host could ruin your evening, no matter how good the food is. So that’s why our staff are prepared to make your evening as enjoyable as possible.

Elegant and cozy environment

We know that fine dining is all about a decent discussion over a fantastic dinner, so you should have the option to hear each other talking. That is why we play relaxing and enjoyable music so that it can be an easy-going environment for you to unwind after a long day.

Rustic Kitchen fulfills every authentic quality of an Italian restaurant. You can enjoy the experience of Italy when you dine in our restaurant or even when you order some meals for home.

Whether you’re in the mood to dine in or you’d rather relax at home, let us take care of your meal with some authentic Italian cuisine.